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Country: Spain

Almerich is one of the most famous trademark in all over world of classic decorative lighting, the factory thanking to quality compromise and to chosen strategy of always trading for the products that are released, have also reach to be well-known in contemporary lighting.

All metal parts Almerich are made of decorative bronze or which is also known as "brass", which consists of an alloy of zinc 33% and copper 67%.

Production processes are separated into two groups. The first group includes mechanized processes which are responsible for the functional characteristics. The second group - processes that used in case of an original artistic design pieces.

Various parts of brass and pieces are often a result of different processes in manufacture. The smelting of products can also be made with various procedures. It depends of which parts and how much pieces it will be produced, one of process will be more appropriate than another.

The metal parts as a rule are used in the producing of all products also it is composed of many materials of different nature: the glass plafonds of different types, lamp shades, porcelain, textile, crystal, etc.

All the metals are treated to remain unaltered with time unless they receive chemical or mechanical aggressions, such as happens with jewels. Their maintenance requires nothing special, they simply need to be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

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