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Aureliano Toso

Web site: http://www.fdvgroup.com/

Country: Italy

The company Aureliano Toso began its existence in 1938. The main feature of Aureliano Toso is uncomplicated forms of lamps and chandeliers. Suspended, ceiling, floor and wall lamps formed the positive mood and create a unique picture of the interior.

Designers are providing for their customers with a wide range of different models; there are simple chandeliers and also the chandeliers, in the creation of which there were used an original forms and unique materials in the collection. The main material that is used in production is the famous Murano glass.

A large number of lamps are made in the modern style, what making them a universal for the most of interiors of private homes, apartments and office buildings. All products are full of original elements, and the product adds a line of individuality and good taste.

Employees of the company Aureliano Toso try to follow the fashion trends, creating unique products that are real art.

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