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Axo Light

Web site: http://www.axolight.it/

Country: Italy

The company Axo Light, despite the fact that it is quite young company, is a promising and rapidly developing into a rich and difficult world of Italian design. The factory was founded in 1996 in Venice, where till our days produces a collection of high quality standards.

Axo Light has kept the tradition and craftsmanship of Venetian origin, combined with new techniques of producing lighting and innovative materials like as Vicenza’s stone, silk or bamboo.

This cultural method combines with the ability of a company to promote the formation of the world - fundamental importance for every project. As a result is a stylish and extensive collection of objects: from the minimalist house, which is needed in an original decorative elements, office or rooms, which require an efficient and elegant lighting; to public places like shops, restaurants and hotels, in which the object that provides the lighting is a distinctive thing of the place.

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