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Web site: http://www.banci.it/

Country: Italy

It all began in 1899 when Giuseppe Banci restored a chandelier made of iron, crystal and glass in the center of Florence.
Specialization of Banci’s work is directed to produce handmade wrought iron and precious crystals. The company has retained craft to our day as one of its main competitive advantages.

Banci is not only a supplier of products, but primarily is a developer of new exclusive project. During 112 years, Banci has developed a variety of complex projects, especially for very demanding customers who want absolute perfection in a very short time available for production.

All collections are created by the creative work of the designers in products they use different colors and materials, where flowers and plants are the main inspirers. Thanks to the finest processing, from the Murano glass, bronze and iron there are produced sunflowers, geraniums, tulips and irises.

Specific knowledge and experience of Giuseppe Banci enabled him to experiment with contemporary and ethnic styles, making metal extremely flexible material, and create the classic models.

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