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Web site: http://www.bover.es/

Country: Spain

Spanish company Bover appeared in 1996. For such short period of its existence the enterprise was able to reach amazing results on the world market. Brand’s production is represented in more than 60 countries all over the world; and only a short time ago, in 2012, the subsidiary in USA emerged. And what exactly has influenced the popularity of Bover?

Bover strives to embrace the client’s needs to the maximum degree, giving all-round customer service, constantly enriching and enlarging its product range, and also keeping high quality mark. Everyone will find something interesting for himself – either specialist in design or just devotees of beautiful things. Designers take care of the most selective customer to remain pleased.

Materials for production of luminaires by Bover are diverse – metal, glass, leather, wood, textile. Designers are especially proud of work stock being extracted entirely from local sourсes – the process of production is under control even on preparation stage.

Designer lighting fixtures by Bover are realized in contemporary style; therefore, they will emphasize all the values of your interior! Order Bover luminaires right now!

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