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Web site: http://www.brumberg.com/

Country: Germany

More then 100 years Brumberg Leuchten create light at the highest stage. Brumberg Leuchten has strengthened its market position year by year, because it based on flexibility, innovation, wide range of product and service. Innovation techniques and high quality materials provide a basis for success.

That's why Brumberg Leuchten is take part in more than sixty national and international exhibitions every year.

Brumberg offers of different LED lighting for outdoor and indoor lighting apartments and houses. A wide range of light colors: from warm white to cool white. The factory often produced fixtures with adjustable heads. The technique control has great opportunities and is almost unlimited.

Throughout the years the name Brumberg was associated with a high competence in the field of lighting. The great achievements are based on the last lighting technologies, coupled with high quality materials, as well as a wide range of products.