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Cedri Martini

Web site: http://www.cedrimartini.it/

Country: Italy

The company "Cedri/Martini" was created of two projects: Andrea has worked in research of sculpture, like with art, with creative expression, and Rienzi - in industrial design using different techniques visualization of projects, particular, with jewel design.

Work experience is very different, but amazingly reconciles the interests, they have created such objects, which later became their business cards.

A passion for experiments, the taste for complex geometry of nature came to the creation of futuristic objects that resemble the forms of marine animal or polished organic exoskeleton of insect.

All complements are designed and manufactured personally, not tied to the strong limitations of marketing and to mass production, are intended to be sold in small batches.

All of creation "Cedri/Martini" marked and signed in silver and metal star, that are more representive for company.