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Country: Italy

The company Ciulli e Figlio began its production in 1902 as a workshop for more than a century of its activity in Florence, it has expanded and become world famous, with no change in its principles and continue to specialize in the Florentine artistic handicraft.
Antonio Chulli as founder Ciulli started with the production of medium-sized and small goods, such as jewelry and gifts.

Today, the company has two brands: it’s the "Ciulli 1902", which works with the lighting, accessories and furniture, and "Calydia" - with accessories for bathrooms, offers to it’s customers a wide variety of quality products in a classical style for the interior.

The company Ciulli e Figlio during the century followed the innovations and trends in the market, fully complied brand "Made in Italy" in compliance with national and international regulations and standards.

Thanks to fact, that most products of the company Ciulli are handmade, even the mostly demanding customers of the company are satisfied and grateful for the well-done work.

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