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Web site: http://www.effusionidiluce.com/

Country: Italy

Effusionidiluce is a new dynamic company that manufactures decorative lighting fixtures in Italy. Effusionidiluce add for all lamps a unique individuality, because of combining high technologies together with the author's originality.

Factory’s products are special approach to creating classic images for modern taste. The original design, which was developed by the factory, makes it possible to expand the horizons, creating innovative solutions for the style in the colors, lines and details.

The company offers a range of new lighting based on the latest LED technology, which also ensures lower energy consumption.

Fixtures Effusionidiluce give specific feelings and unique mood which is typical only for this brand, which indicates employee’s creativity. Effusionidiluce decorate the interior in a different ways as direct evidence of Italian creativity.

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