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Web site: http://www.eurolampart.it/

Country: Italy

Mario Stselfo is a founder of Euro Lamp Art, who had great experience of work with wrought iron. The company, which continues a long tradition, makes lamps, chandeliers, furniture (tables, chairs) and other items of wrought iron.

Over the years the company Euro Lamp Art increases in production volumes and remained faithful to the production of original and unique objects.

For over 30 years the Euro Lamp Art creates according to technologies of Florentine style products, trade secrets of which are passed from generation to generation.

The advantages of a factory are that chandeliers and lamps produced by hand. There is easily recognizable classic and contemporary style in luminaires and chandeliers. There is very successfully combination of elements from valuable Murano glass and wrought iron in the producing. On each product you can see the iron stamp of Euro Lamp Art. This mark guarantees the originality and quality of the products.

There are used sheets of silver, gold and various paint coatings in the finishing of products. Factory Euro Lamp Art, besides the chandeliers and lamps, produces also mirrors, tables and dressing tables, bedside tables and floor lamps, which are harmonious suitable with the proposed chandeliers.