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Web site: http://www.eyeleds.com/

Country: Netherlands

Lighting Science Group creates, produces and sells LED lighting products. Through the fast progress in the producing of LEDs they are more effective than traditional an incandescent or halogen lamp, that’s why they are the more economically profitable than traditional lights.

Eyeleds is a brand of Lighting Science Group that offers an assortment of high quality LED products for variety of outdoor and indoor interiors.

Innovative Eyeleds – is a line of products created together with main partners in various industries, including lighting and design of interior.

Eyeleds - are goods, in distributions of which are involved more than 35 agencies that are located in different countries. All products are currently available in moreover than in 70 countries all over the world.

Since the factory began its producing in 2005, Eyeleds were grown from local innovators to a leading brand in the world market.

Eyeleds was initially launched by partner in lighting BV, light manufacture of which was purchased by Lighting Science Group in April 2008.

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