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Web site: http://www.faustig.de/

Country: Germany

FAUSTIG is the German company that produces wonderful style and quality fixtures. Company is focused on the creation of world-class original models. Style FAUSTIG – it's an exclusive style, a unique combination of luxury and nobility of classical presentation, original flavor and a recent trend in modern style and elegance in the Eastern version of design.

From the beginning, the factory sought to the aesthetics and quality, producing crystal chandeliers. The factory continues to develop and improve its products. FAUSTIG has own corporate philosophy: it is the best quality, design, consulting and service.

Goods, that are individually made, produce only in special circumstances. All products created specially for you by qualified and dedicated staff of the factory. There are no mass production products on the Faustig.

The factory is not the only one producer of crystal chandeliers; they do not the cheapest, the oldest, or the most luxury. There is only one aim – to be the leader, and in such way win you as the customer.