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Web site: http://www.flos.com/

Country: Italy

Flos is a company with Italian roots; it originated in 1962 in Merano city. It is famous on the lighting market with its wild and woolly curiosity and constant experiments in lighting design. Bold and original fixtures – that is a result of such experiments.

Founding members of Flos – brothers Achille and Pierre Giakomo Castaglioni, and Tobia Scarpa. After a while, Sergio Gandini joined – his coming had caused company’s move to Breshia. Soon the first shop in Milan was open. Today the brand is well-known far beyond Italy – thanks to wide partnership and first rate products.

The peculiarity of Flos lies in designers’ perception of light as a matter, not something ephemeral. By means of light they express their vision of the world, challenge the environment and create picture of the future, bearing on past experience and present moment.

Lighting fixtures by Flos are notable for their high conceptual importance, unusual decorativeness and excellent quality. Designer’s crew in the company is huge and open for new talents. Maybe, that is why the source of their inspiration is unflagging – year by year new and new fixtures, surprising us with something interesting, are released.

The creators divide their products conventionally into four categories: professional and semi-professional light, indoor and outdoor lighting. Having kept the thought about lighting fixture as a piece of art, specialists create functional and, with that, beautiful products.

Flos, having mastered the language of light, offers hi-tech solutions for different spaces to its clients. One can buy lighting fixtures by Flos in Kyiv and Ukraine with the help of Sun Trade company. Give us a call!

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