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Web site: http://www.foscarini.it

Country: Italy

Foscarini – an extraordinary company from Italy, free from patterns and always full with artistic enthusiasm. Founded in 1981. It widely known as an innovator and a reliable supplier of stylish and high-grade products in the lighting market.

It is really important for designers to emotionalize and to brighten their clients by means of their goods. The studio is constantly searching new ideas, which possess specific shapes, and also is experimenting with production technology. Here the inspiration is highly valued, that’s why the phase of development in Foscarini can last for years. Sometimes it leads to situation, when, as a result, the product is in stark contrast to the intended one.

Each luminaire by Foscarini has its own story and embodies designers’ reach to fill the world with innovations and beauty. Visual simplicity of the fixtures – the result of complex technology and hard zeal of the experts. One more thing is distinctive for the company – logistics department distributes either huge lots of lighting systems or the single table lamp with equal caress.

Luminaires by Foscarini – 100% made in Italy, innovative design, high quality, a variety of designer awards and great admiration of the audience worldwide!

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