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Glashutte Limburg

Web site: http://www.glashuette-limburg.de/

Country: Germany

GLASHÜTTE LIMBURG – worldwide famous manufacturer of lighting fixtures. Range of products is represented by more than 2000 samples with high quality and neat design. It is a part of a large industrial group, which also includes such popular names in the market as BEGA and BOOM.

The story of the enterprise starts from the glass, which was made thanks to the composition of glass and steel; at first, production was focused on low-cost glass utensils, but not long after the company made a requalification in favor of lighting fixtures. Having its own plants and glass tanks, always modernizing the process of production, soon GLASHÜTTE LIMBURG became one of the biggest and famous specialist in producing glass lighting fixtures in Europe.

The company understands how important it is to save the competitive ability on the rapidly increasing market, that’s why it sets the highest quality standards for its creations and focuses only on its own expectations – concept development, design development, construction – they are performed with the highest level of care. The team of highly skilled experts, associated by the only aim, create durable luminaires of flawless quality. All products pass strict control on each stage of production.

The most current metals for lamps are aluminium, stainless steel and brass – they add functionality to all the creations of the company. But, by no means, the main component, that inspires designers is still the glass – as it possesses such qualities as hardness, long life duration, the ability to change color and ecological compatibility. Clean and timeless, long-term and beautiful, for ages it remains invariable companion for people. GLASHÜTTE LIMBURG specializes on the production of three-ply opal glass, and the smallest deviations in size, thickness or singular air bubbles on the surface – the sign of trade quality and the uniqueness of each specific product.

Suspensions, table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers by brand may be seen in many public places: hotels, museums, institutes, recreation zones. Also they can be a great addition of any contemporary interior thanks to their flawless appearance, neat design and high reliability. GLASHÜTTE LIMBURG – the synonym of sophisticate taste and real German quality.

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