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Linea Light

Web site: http://www.linealight.com

Country: Italy

The story of Linea Light origins from 1985, when Minulamp, Eva Stampaggi and Linea Light – three acknowledged companies in the area of lighting, came together for creating one powerful company. Since that time, Linea Light Group has always evolved, corresponding to the market changes, addressing the issue of planning scientific researches and collaboration with artists.

In very deed, the aim of the company consists in giving to customers the understanding that best new inventions offer energy-saving and ecologic perspectives and that let the company to convince the exceptional possibilities of LED-technologies. Efficiency, firmness and devotion to its business – these are the features that made Linea Light Group for what it is today: a modern company, leader in the field of lighting.

Experts of different areas work for Linea Light – this promotes an intensive sharing experience and know-how, causes continuous technological growth and makes innovations the driving force of the whole activity. Technology, used for production, includes strict control and examination, which are held for each component: from the source of light to their mechanical parts and details.

International caliber of Linea Light activity is worthwhile: the company, during the last 10 years, focuses the efforts upon encouragement and development of the huge potential of diodes, energy-saving sources of light, and also – implement of photoelectric panels in its wide range of products.

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