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Web site: http://www.lithoss.com

Country: Belgium

Lithoss nv is a Belgian manufacturer of design switches and outlets.

The Lithoss product range is available in various finishes: Stainless Steel, Brons, Nickel Satinée, Ral 9010 (white) with or without soft touch coating, Fusain (Black), Laiton (brass) and Chrome.

The Lithoss products can be described in the three following words: Design, Aesthetics and High quality.

Lithoss, rewarded with 3 prestigious design Awards. The product range, designed by Bart Spillemaeckers has been rewarded 3 times with an award in 2006.

Lithoss and creativity:

  • Today the product range offers a spectrum of seven highly diverse finishes with customizing available: the cover plates can be produced in any RAL colour. That creates space for interior designers to fit switches in an identical finish to the walls if they don’t want to go for a contrast.
  • Each plate, an individual masterpiece: Lithoss is a high-class product. Exclusivity goes hand in hand with a meticulous production process. Every plate is finished by hand after the machine process. This craftsmanship means that each plate is a unique individual, each plate is an rare masterpiece.
  • Personalised buttons: The switches can be personalized with symbols. To customise the switches symbols can be printed onto the button via a special silk-screen print.
  • Design and functionality: The Lithoss product range offers lots of possibilities. You find in our series: Tv - and data-connections, dimmer-switches, Led-lighting, … Our 24V-version is fully compatible with most home automation systems.
  • Special built-in-technique: Lithoss can be surface-mounted on the wall but can also be mounted flush. The design becomes a part of the whole and creates a balanced space.
  • An abstract mirror: Brushed stainless steel is a natural material which is specially treated to give it a unique ability to absorb light. That allows it to reflect nearby colours and objects in a distinctive fashion. The switches and sockets form in some manner an abstract mirror of the interior.
  • Sober: Bart Spillemaeckers’ design is clean, sober and simple. The distinctive form has the rare property of being in perfect equilibrium with its surroundings, whether the style is modern or classic.
  • Integration with other systems: Our flexibility and innovation resulted in collaboration with other systems such as Bose or the central vacuum cleaning system of our sister company Elek Trends, or most home automation systems and designer lighting.

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