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Web site: http://www.mariner.es/

Country: Spain

Enrique Mariner Gurrea founded the company in 1893, when he was 23 years old. His selflessness, perspective approach and commitment to excellence were the main defining characteristics for the rapid development of the company.

From the beginning, MARINER was creating fixtures and furniture. The previous generation has preserved the legacy of the past and all the tradition and the present – includes past experience and upgrades the present.

There are the most interesting models with shades of alabaster stone in the collection of lighting, whose colours varies from creamy white to opalescent. There is a wide range of luminaires - from the traditional gold and bronze to silver and platinum.

Throughout the company's history, creativity has always been a main detail in creating fixtures. MARINER products are used in building design in the classical, neoclassical, romantic and contemporary styles.