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Web site: http://www.masierogroup.com/

Country: Italy

The Italian company Masiero Group,, combining the Venetian tradition of hand-made and modern trends, creates a light that are perfectly fitting in different interiors.

From the beginning the company was focused on the Eastern countries and produced classic chandeliers. Over the time, the products range becomes more diverse: now the company combines Venetian technique of glass processing with modern lighting technology. In terms of style it is a mix of classic and contemporary.

Speaking of classics, first of all, it is a sophisticated style, soft shapes and pastel colors of lampshades. Now the white and ivory colours are in a fashion. There are used different materials and components in a modern style: for example, rubber or aluminum for the plafonds. The material is as important as the design. The company Masiero produces high-tech and design models. The factory attaches for products special identifiable character.

The company has three main collections Masiero: EMME PI LIGHT, ECLETTICA andOTTOCENTO. In addition the company offers about 450 different collections, each has wall-lamps and table lamps.

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