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Web site: http://www.gmoscatelli.it/

Country: Italy

The factory G. Moscatelli became popular thanks to the fact that it was complied with the established tradition of high European quality. Beautiful, classical chandeliers G. Moscatelli are suit to any interior and do admiring glances. Every thin detail, every line - all this has been recognized even by the most demanding professionals in the area of classical design.

The factory began its production in 1926, and till today, three generations Moscatelli are improve the technique of processing glass, crystal and stone, as well as skills for working with steel, brass and copper. There are 3 things that are combined in the production: time-tested European tradition, the last technologies and quality materials.

In spite of great experience in the creating of classic chandeliers, the company also creates beautiful modern products, which difference it from many shocking, sometimes even, tasteless chandeliers. These charming chandeliers do not evoke a sense of imbalance, due to its great design they will fit almost to any interior.

Obviously, the family Moscatelli decided to choose a new way: more difficult, but at the same time interesting and informative.