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Web site: http://www.omslighting.sk/

Country: Slovakia

The company "OMS lighting" was founded in 1995 and now export takes over 98% into more than 122 countries around the world. The policy of the company is aimed at implementation of the customer’s wishes. The employees are able to change any details in the existing fixture, and to develop a completely new product that allows the company to be in demand among consumers.

The factory is equipped with the latest technology, which allows to take a high volume production with no delays and quantitative restrictions. The desire to use innovations in all areas: design, quality and manufacturing technologies, has led the company to great results.

There is always are going on growing of activities, for example, the separation of the production profile of the company on three parts (OMS, UNOLUX, ELITE), which allows to cover the specific needs of the market, beginning from low cost products to sophisticated creative solutions with regard to design and technology. Brand ELITE combines the original design, emotion and personality, together with high environmental characteristics. The collection UNOLUX offers new light solutions of high European quality.

The company's main philosophy is a development of new, interesting and creative directions of the company in which there is not only uses modern trends, but is created specifically for use in design and technology areas.

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