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Country: Italy

Delicate and appealing, design blended with a classic style but with a contemporary feel, superior quality materials: a Possoni creation expresses absolute perfection thanks to continuous research in innovative and fascinating solutions. The sensation when admiring these lighting fixtures is further enhanced by new tones and nuances leading you to focus on detailing, crafted with meticulous care.

Expertly crafted details, quality finishes make each single lamp an exclusive piece, testimony of the art of lighting a home with elegance giving interiors a unique character and personality. All Possoni collections of fixtures can be easily identified by recognizable styles:

"Scavo" collection, which reminds handmade objects of ancient culture, produced by the classical technology, and the glass has the effect of porous stone. Metal with patinated surface makes to these lamps enchanting charm.

"Modular" - a collection is interesting for the fact that the elements of lightings are collected according to the of personal project objectives. Possoni products are available in different finishes variations: from trendy covers to traditional colors.

"Alabaster" – are fixtures of milk-coloured glass, which is usually used in the creation of lightings and it is respected for its original half-transparent color and for shimmering opportunities. "Brass" - a collection of lamps made ​​of brass, which is resistant to external damage and can be easily covered with various materials.

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