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Savoy House

Web site: http://www.savoyhouse-europe.com

Country: Spain

Spanish lamps and chandeliers named "Savoy House" have been referred to the highest level products for a long time, with a unique style and quality manufacture. More than forty years, the company produces great lightings. All Savoy House products – are real works of art and cast fixtures are as beautiful decor of any interior.

Choosing the Savoy House fixtures, you can be sure that choose a product that will pass the test of time. Employees of the factory are well known for their craftsmanship and big attention to details. Elegant and original projects in which there used the Savoy House products, are the best choice among consumers and designers.

Savoy House – is a brand that has been deserved reputation as a manufacturer of quality products in the lighting market during many years. The unbelievable design, excellent style and materials of the factory – are show high skills of Spanish designers. Savoy House collections are constantly updated with new, sophisticated and incredibly beautiful fixtures.

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