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Country: Italy

Sylcom started to create beautiful lightings since 70s. Reaching of new horizons, in the area of lighting design, allows the factory to combine a variety of shapes and elegant colours in such surprising and unusual way. The high-quality manufacturing process is determined with attention to every detail.

Sylcom decided to go a step further: the company introduced its policy of environmental management, aimed to control and monitor production to ensure the environmental problems associated with different processes (the choice of raw materials, monitoring of energy consumption) always to kept under control and properly manage all these processes.

In order to attract customers, Sylcom combines production traditions of the past and the present technology. Products are made in classic style with hand-blown Murano glass that gives graceful forms and extraordinary luxury for chandeliers.

All Sylcom products - a harmonious combination of two epochs: the time of hand-made products that fills every model with originality and time of modern high-tech manufacturing, which allows long life of goods.

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