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Web site: http://www.terzani.it

Country: Italy

Terzani - a unique synthesis of Art, luxury and design. It is a flawless combination of the best Italian traditions and progressive contemporary technology, embodied in lighting fixtures of premium height.

"Everything is Light!" - claims the motto of the company, and it is difficult to quarell with this statement. All fixtures of the brand are the result of self-sacrificing and painstaking work, as all the fixtures are made fully in hand. In such a way each luminaire is unique and original!

New day - new inspiration, and Terzani disposes itself to prove it to its clients and admirers. Each idea is developed carefully and filtered in the laboratory of light Terzani, after which - regenerated in the real fixture, striking with its fragile, unbelievable beauty. Extravagant metal curves, countless spreadings of sparkling stones, the play of light and shadows will fill the room with vivid atmosphere.

Luminaires by Terzani - the quintessence of quality, brilliance and elegance.

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