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Venetia Studium

Web site: http://www.venetiastudium.com/

Country: Italy

"Venetia Studium" products are manufactured in classic style, so the collections are full of thin, clean lines and original solutions. The "Venetia Studium" trademark combines the design and philosophy: as there are used a wide range of delicate fabrics in the production and always paid attention for details.

"Venetia Studium" – it is always quality product, and is a synonymous with a good taste. Inspiration and passion, elegance and taste - all of these points becomes due to the trends of yesterday and today, which "Venetia Studium" skillfully brings to life. Exclusive and unique brand name is a guarantee of reliability and quality of charming lights.

In order to provide consumer with the high quality goods, all the materials that are used in products are thoroughly selected. The silk, velvet, cotton and other materials are increase the interest to "Venetia Studium".  The company's aim is to develop new, and at the same time, recognizable products. The quality and sophistication of "Venetia Studium" products are the result of hard work by skilled employees.

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