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Web site: http://www.xal.com

Country: Austria

XAL – a leading manufacturer of hi-grad lighting and lighting systems for commercial and private use. The company is established in Austria, in 1989, and since the very beginning its main aim is the development of lighting, that combines energy efficiency, high functionality and first-rate design.

Having been the pioneers in area of LED lighting, XAL develops and improves this technology. High competence and innovative approach let XAL correspond to all the clients’ requests in the most flexible way, and also realize customized LED solutions in the shortest terms.

The company is affected by the research of light and its possibilities. All luminaires pass strict inspection in laboratories. Complex investigations help bring to perfection the manufacturing processes.

XAL – company with globally known name, and its partnership extends on 5 continents. Clients can always be sure they receive exactly what they are promised – first rate products of high quality, manifold assortment, stylish contemporary design and progressive innovative solutions, supported by the best Austrian traditions.

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