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Web site: http://www.zonca.com/

Country: Italy

Nowadays, Zonca families production is very popular in Europe and, since 1900, creates original lamps. The factory is focused on the production of lighting for different areas - for technical buildings (industrial style) and for private interiors (in the classical style).

Zonca’s products – are the symbol of keeping the family traditions to all of employees. There used only quality materials in the production of goods such as Murano glass, marble and crystal. For today, Zonca’s chandeliers and wall lamps complete beautiful interiors of many hotels and hotel complexes throughout the world.

For decorating of any room there used lighting fixtures of the factory. High quality and wide range of always in demand classic products are explaining the popularity of this brand.

There are some characteristic things of this manufacturer in the products: decorative crystal pendants (there used crystals of Swarovski), warm colors, unbelievable lampshades that allow you to add a recognizable note in the interior of any room. The factory manufactures lighting fixtures so that in addition to the exquisite chandelier it’s easy to pick up lamps, floor lamp or table lamp.

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