New collection Ciulli


This new collection takes its name from a rare noble-history gem, which was discovered in the Urals' mines in 1834 and named in honour of Czar Alexander II of Russia: the alexandrite.

The striking feature of this stone is its surprising ability to change colour: from blue-green in daylight alexandrite turns in a soft shade of purple or raspberry red when exposed to incandescent light. This is possible thanks to its chemical composition and to the presence of chrysoberyl, a compound mineral which contains in addition to iron and titanium also chromium. And it's this last element the author of the spectacular colour change because beryllium and chromium have contrasting chemical characteristics and as a rule do not be together. This reaction makes the alexandrite crystals very rare.

The magic of changing colours

In crystal factory, neodymium mixed in the composition of raw materials gives to the crystal the spectacular characteristic typical of alexandrite: the changing colour of the material depending on the light source which is exposed. We combine the magic of a crystal from the unique characteristic with our metal craftsmanship, creating a collection of high quality, graceful and ethereal, which trace history, memory and tradition of people and countries.