The new showroom Linea Light


Linea Light Group which includes brands Decorative, Ma & De, i-LèD, Manàmanà and Tràddel, has presented a new project «Light Village». The opening was in March 5, near the Italian town of Castelfranco, where there are located production facilities, and now – new exhibition space.

Light Village - a multifunctional space - on the one hand, this exhibition is located in an area of more than 1,400 square meters, on the other hand, is a space for testing of the light environment, the third side - an engineering laboratory.

In its structure, Light Village resembles the exhibition – there are located a lot of stands on the open air. Each space is dedicated to a single narrow topic (exhibition hall of the museum, shopping area of the store, a hotel room).

Most lighting are work on LED, and all installation are interactive - lighting can be dimmed and change the color.

Light Village can be regarded as temporary. The company plans to update the stands, following the latest trends and new lighting models.