TAL presents a unique system for cooling power leds


Porifera is a unique system for cooling power leds and other electronic components through aluminium foam. The unique properties of this aluminium foam allow for a much higher cooling performance compared to conventional cooling bodies. LED light fixtures that make use of Porifera technology have greater efficiency, made possible through the following characteristics:

  • Large cooling surface. The larger the cooling surface, the more heat can be dissipated.
  • Low mass per volume. So the thicker the material, the slower it cools down.
  • Porous: the open cell structure allows for a free flow of air through the mazes of the foam thus securing an optimal heat exchange with the environment.
  • Isotropic: the interconnected bubbles form a convoluted path for any gases or liquids flowing through them.

An LED's life span and its efficiency are directly correlated with its junction temperature.

  • Longer LED life span;
  • Improved LED efficiency;
  • Lower power consumption;
  • Noiseless.