BOOKLAMP from luján&sicilia – pendants at the new JALEO


JALEO Penn Quarter, the ground breaking restaurant and tapas bar created by José Andrés in Washington DC in 1993, is generally acknowledged for introducing modern spanish gastronomy to the american public. By now José Andrés has become a household name, and the JALEO is one of the most popular restaurants in Washington and in the whole of the US.

After a major renovation, the JALEO has reopened this April. Conceived by architect Juli Capella as a showcase for contemporary spanish design, the new JALEO is provocative yet fun, and boasts works by Luis Eslava, Patricia Urquiola, Javier Mariscal, Daniel Canogar, and other designers/artists. The BOOKLAMPS by Martí Guixé for luján&sicilia are featured prominently.

BOOKLAMP is a conceptual pendant light made with a replaceable real book bound by hand in buckram fabric, on steel and acrylic elements and LED light sources. It is manufactured in Spain exclusively by luján&sicilia.