Magnet system Move It by XAL


Sun Trade company is glad to present to you the novelty of an Austrian brand XAL - Move It system. It is fully modular, magnet profile system, which can include floodlights, suspensions, wallwashers, light lines, etc. Also the Client has an opportunity to choose the profile of different widths - 25 mm and 45 mm; both versions use 48V.

The main peculiarity of the series - in easy installation. Mounting requires nary instrument - all components are fixed by means of magnets. It is compatible with DALI system, and that means that each luminaire in the profile can be regulated severally.

Move It system by XAL - an innovative approach in the world of contemporary lighting. User-friendliness, neat design take the system to the whole new level. Move It system - an elegance, embodied in the lighting fixture!