Importation of Equipment

Importation of equipment is an order and delivery of equipment to the appointed place.

Sun Trade company screens over plants and collaborates with reliable European manufacturers – on a direct basis or by the agency of suppliers. All the supplied production is for sure of high quality.

Average waiting time is approximately 21 days. At the same time, delivery period is individual for each manufacturer and depends on a huge quantity of different factors:

  1. To what extent manufacturing process is automated. Some plants produce their lighting fixtures fully by hand, that is why delivery time is added to the production.
  2. Presence of warehouses. If the company has finished goods in its warehouses, the process of import accelerates greatly.
  3. The time of year. Some countries have their vacation periods, when the manufacturing process is literally frozen for a couple of weeks.

Delivery conditions are considered with each Client on an individual case. Sun Trade company is ready to offer the most flexible conditions of cooperation for bulk deliveries.